What to do if hail damages your asphalt driveway?

Hail on the ground

The hail that comes with the winter months poses a significant threat to your driveway. If damages should occur, then you should have a plan to address it as soon as possible. Here is what to do if hail damages your asphalt driveway!

Can hail damage your asphalt driveway?

On its own, water can do a great deal of damage to your asphalt driveway. Bearing that in mind, when that water freezes and accumulates on your driveway, it is at serious risk. As the hail falls down, it will damage and wear down your driveway over time. It erodes the surface, causing indents and, in some cases, cracks.

These chips and cracks will expand over time, causing the driveway to be irreparable. One way to counteract this is by repairing any and all damages as soon as they form. This may seem like a tedious and fruitless endeavor; however, the long-term benefits speak for themselves!

Can you repair asphalt in the winter?

One of the big roadblocks you will face while trying to maintain your asphalt is the cold weather. Unfortunately, the weather that creates hail is also the weather that makes asphalt repairs difficult. If you were not aware, asphalt mix requires a certain amount of warmth in order to properly set. The cold weather makes this impossible as the asphalt will cool off faster than it can be laid down. Thankfully, cold-mix asphalt exists for a reason!

Cold mix asphalt is a hot mix’s winter alternative. Although the cold mix is not as durable as the hot mix, it is a temporary solution that will keep your driveway safe in the winter. Cold mix asphalt can be used to repair a driveway no matter the temperature, and the cost is close to the same as a standard repair job. Keeping that in mind, there is little reason you should not maintain your driveway in the winter. Patching those chips and cracks as soon as they appear means that you will not have a mountain of work waiting for you in the spring.

Is it better to repair or replace your driveway?

If springtime rolls around and hail damages your asphalt driveway is too extensively, then consider replacing your driveway. There comes the point where your driveway is so worn that repairing it is just as big of a job as replacing it. Unfortunately, you will be unable to use cold mix asphalt to replace a whole driveway. Cold mix is designed for smaller repair jobs, so you will need to wait until the warmer months to pave your new driveway.

Overall, whether you repair or replace your driveway is up to you. Weigh the damages and the costs and decide what the right move is. You should also take into account how far into its lifespan your driveway is. For instance, if your driveway is already on its last leg, then repairing it just to get another year out of it could be fruitless. Contact a professional if you are unsure what to do.

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