Planning a New Driveway Around the Rainy Season

rain on driveway

Planning a new driveway around the rainy season can be tough if you have no prior experience battling the weather. Projects like these need the right conditions to produce the desired result, so you will need to be patient with the process. Here is everything you need to know about paving in the rainy season!

Can you pave while it’s raining?

To put it bluntly, paving during a rainstorm is impossible. The mix will become watered down, which keeps it from setting. This prevents your driveway from being paved and leaves you with a huge mess to clean up after the fact. If by some stroke of luck, your driveway does set, then there are going to be a plethora of foundational issues in your pavement. Holes and cracks will form on the surface of the pavement since the water will end up interacting with the oils that are present in the mix. These oils are designed to actively repel water; however, these oils only work once the driveway is set.

An abundance of rain can also cause the subsoil beneath the driveway to shift around and become soft. This soil is no longer a stable surface to pave on when it is wet. Needless to say, if a company knows what it is doing, then your contractor will not pave a driveway while it is raining.

When should you pave your driveway?

If you plan to pave a new driveway around the rainy season, then you must do so tactfully. You need to allow a span of time when the skies are clear to start the project. On top of that, the project must be done quickly and with precision. This will require consistent communication and coordination with your paving company.

If the sky is especially cloudy, then you may not want to risk working on your new driveway. Even if the forecast says that there is no rain coming your way, it is better to be safe than sorry! With that in mind, you should not be surprised if your contractor does not come in on the days that have a chance of rain. This is frustrating, but the results will be worth the extra time it takes to get things right. Remember to be patient and understand that the paving company is working on getting your driveway done as soon as they can.

Does rain hurt a newly paved driveway?

Rain can hurt a newly paved driveway depending on how soon it is into its lifespan. Even after it hardens on the surface, your driveway needs some time to cure. If it happens to rain during this time, then you are going to encounter some minor issues down the road. The oils that reside in the pavement will rise to the surface, which reduces the quality of your driveway. This makes it less durable, causing its lifespan to shorten.

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