How to Remove Old Asphalt

how to remove old asphalt

Removing old asphalt is necessary when fixing driveways, parking lots, and roads to prepare them for a fresh, smooth surface. This job requires a careful look at the asphalt already there, picking the right equipment for breaking it up, and figuring out how to get rid of the old pieces. Here’s everything you need to know about how to remove old asphalt!

Can you put new asphalt over old asphalt?

Before removing old asphalt, it is essential to consider all your options! The method we are talking about is, of course, asphalt overlay. In short, you can put new asphalt over old asphalt. This method is a cost-effective and time-efficient way to rejuvenate a worn-out pavement without completely removing the existing layer. 

However, for the overlay to be successful, the existing asphalt must be in relatively good condition, with no major issues such as deep cracks, large potholes, or significant base failures. Furthermore, the longevity and effectiveness of the new layer also depend on the quality of the underlying asphalt and the proper execution of the overlay process. 

What equipment is used to remove asphalt?

When removing old asphalt, specialized equipment is needed to do the job efficiently. The most commonly used machines include:

  • Milling machines, which grind away the top layer of asphalt for recycling.
  • Excavators, which dig up the asphalt.
  • Bulldozers, which push the material away from the site.

In addition, loaders pick up and transport the broken asphalt, and dump trucks carry it away for recycling or disposal. 

The process starts with assessing the area to determine the best removal method. If the goal is to reuse the existing surface, milling might be the chosen method. For a complete redo, excavators and bulldozers come into play to remove the asphalt in large sections. Safety measures are crucial throughout the process to protect workers and the environment. Once the old asphalt is removed, the area is prepared for the new pavement, which involves cleaning, leveling, and applying a new base layer.

Should you resurface or replace your asphalt driveway?

Choosing between resurfacing or replacing your asphalt driveway hinges on a few critical factors. If your driveway’s foundation is stable and the surface damage is superficial, such as small cracks or fading, resurfacing might be the ideal choice. It refreshes the appearance and functionality of the driveway at a lower cost than a complete replacement. On the other hand, if the driveway has deep cracks, potholes, drainage issues, or the foundation has weakened, replacement is likely necessary.

Fortunately, whether you are removing or replacing your asphalt, there are professionals to help you every step of the way. Companies like Walt’s Paving specialize in affordable, long-lasting, quick construction projects. So, no matter what you are looking for, Walt’s got your back!

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