Fixing Parking Lot Potholes

Parking Lot Potholes

If your parking lot has not been maintained in a while then there is a good chance that it has developed a pothole or two. Unlike cracks, potholes are a lot harder to address if you do not have the proper means. Here are the steps you will need to take if you want to fix parking lot potholes.

How do you repair a hole in a parking lot?

First and foremost you are going to need to call in a professional to assess the damage. Potholes vary in their severity meaning that different methods are going to be required depending on how bad they are. Scheduling this is quick and easy and will give you some clarity regarding the project.

Repairing a hole in a parking lot yourself means purchasing an asphalt repair mix. Next, you want to mix it properly before pouring it and smoothing it over. Once this is finished you will need to let it set for a while. During this downtime make sure that no one drives or steps on it. This can create a divot once it is done that will be difficult to address.

It is recommended that you receive a professional’s help if you have never tackled a pothole before. There is a lot of room for error and cutting out uneven concrete is more difficult than filling it in. If you are not confident that you can nail that task then call in someone who has done it before.

What is the best material to fill potholes?

When it comes to pothole repair materials you have two options. You can go with the classic asphalt mix or the cold patch repair kit. The asphalt mix is going to be more difficult to use since it requires heating and mixing; however, it will leave your pothole looking good as new. On the other hand, cold patch is easy to apply since it requires none of the above steps but it is a lot less durable. You should only be using a cold patch kit if you are planning on repaving your parking lot in the next few years. If your parking lot is still early into its lifespan then bite the bullet and use a standard mix.

How can we solve the problem of potholes?

If you want to avoid potholes altogether then actively maintain your parking lot. Filling in cracks right when they appear and seal coating your parking lot annually are required steps if you want to solve your pothole problem. On top of that, you will also want to monitor what you are driving over the parking lot’s surface. Not every pavement is created the same and there is a chance that yours is not designed to withstand a bunch of weight. Finally, you will want to clear your parking lot of any debris and filth. Pressure washing, raking, and shoveling snow means that nothing is going to pack down on your asphalt’s surface. Much like everything else, the better you take care of your parking lot the less deterioration will occur.

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