Can you lay asphalt over concrete?

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So you’ve finally decided to switch the material of your driveway to asphalt, but the problem is there’s already been concrete put down. You may be considering paving over your concrete driveway with asphalt but are unsure whether or not this is safe. While many concrete roads have asphalt paved over them every year, this method is not without its pros and cons. Here are some common questions and things to look out for when you pave over a concrete driveway with asphalt!

Is it safe to pave over an existing driveway?

While it is safe to pave over an existing driveway, it’s not a perfect process. Due to concrete having expansion points that asphalt does not, over time, concrete will shift. This causes things such as cracks to appear on your asphalt. Despite this, it’s still possible to quickly repair these problems due to the easy maintenance of asphalt.

Does concrete serve as a good base for asphalt?

Because of how sturdy and strong concrete is, no matter what is poured over it, it will serve as a great base! As mentioned before, concrete does expand, so it’s recommended that if you do decide to let concrete serve as the base, you should install paving fabric covers over the expansion points. Overall, while a driveway made of asphalt alone is sturdier, paving over concrete with asphalt is still strong.

How thick should asphalt be over concrete?

A general rule of thumb with asphalt paving is that the thicker it is, the better. This does not mean that your asphalt needs to be 20 inches. Instead, it means that it can be anywhere from 2 – 8 inches, depending on what you are planning to drive on the material.

A big factor in determining the thickness of your asphalt is the size of the concrete below it. For example, if it is only 2 – 3 inches, then you will be able to lay more asphalt on top of it. You also need to consider the layer of aggregate that resides below both materials. That can take up to 8 inches of height, meaning that you might not have room for a large quantity of concrete or asphalt.

The best thing you can do is consult a professional to better understand the best way to lay asphalt over concrete.

What are the benefits of asphalt paving?

It Is Smooth

Asphalt provides a more uniform and smooth surface. This promotes rolling resistance against your tires. It also decreases rough, uneven surfaces that cause things to feel uncomfortable and bumpy.

This will disappear over time with continual usage; however, there are measures you can take to extend your time with this smooth surface. Investing in things such as repairs and sealcoating is going to take you a long way.


Paving your driveway with asphalt can increase its overall durability. The material is designed to be flexible and withstand occasional overloads of weight with no serious damage. Having a layer of concrete underneath to reinforce this is only going to improve this function.


Asphalt is far quicker and cheaper than other materials on the market. In addition to this, things such as repairs can also be performed cost-effectively. Most asphalt repairs are as simple as applying a sealant and giving it some time, meaning you will not have to invest much time or money into it.

Curb Appeal

Having a fresh, clean driveway goes a long way when it comes to curb appeal. Maintaining the driveway will make your building professional and attractive before the front door is even opened.

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