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Recycled Asphalt

What is Recycled Asphalt Product?

Basically R.A.P. is old asphalt that is ground into gravel, that hardens/binds together when compacted. The best gravel to leave exposed for a long time is R.A.P. (Recycled Asphalt Product), a great product on any driveway, parking area or lane.

How is the product applied??

The paving process starts out the same as hot asphalt mix. Proper grading and excavation is required to ensure adequate water run off, once the area is cleaned of major debris, a tack coat is applied.

Recycled Asphalt

100% Recycled Material 

At Walt's Paving, we install  R.A.P. with our automated paver. This process helps ensure that the material stays uniform and consistent. By using the paver and vibratory roller, the finished product is level and smoother than when installed with just a tractor or dozer.


This product has much of the original oils still in it, after installation is complete, the heat from the sun releases the oils and binders to help melt the gravel into one uniform piece of pavement, which will produce less dust than ordinary gravel/dirt.

Why should I consider R.A.P., instead of regular gravel or dirt??

Gravel driveways are only as good as the gravel used. Some river bank gravel's are very sandy, get very sloppy in rain, and don't compact well. Most good compactable gravels are man-made and called processed gravel. Some processed gravels are more expensive than R.A.P., and do not hold up to rain and snow as well. Most processed gravels contain a clay mix which has great compacting features but clay gets soupy when wet. A driveway constructed from R.A.P. is more stable than most other types of gravel.

Remade Road

Snow Plowing

Snow plowing will not displace as much onto your lawn, which means less clean up in the spring. R.A.P will also act as a great base, should you decide to pave over it (resurface) with hot-mix asphalt in the future.


Is it cost effective? It cost less, because it is a Recycled Asphalt Product. A driveway constructed with R.A.P. is a gravel drive that hardens in time, not a hot-mix asphalt driveway, but in almost all cases it cost much less.

Besides the cost benefit, this product represents an environmentally positive method of recycling.

Contact us for recycled asphalt, which is efficient, affordable, and an economical alternative to hot asphalt.

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