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Seal Coating

Sealcoated Driveway

Asphalt sealer is a thin liquid coating of asphalt emulsion applied to a clean asphalt surface for driveways and parking lots. Here at Walt's Paving, we take great pride in providing a consistent great quality product on all our projects, big or small. From the time you inquire for a free estimate one of our team members will take the time to walk you through our step by step methods of your project from beginning to completion. We can work with your schedule. For our commercial costumers we can even complete your project in sections or at night time and on weekends to ensure your business runs smoothly.

First step is to clean the entire surface of the parking lot including cleaning all cracks in the surface removing any vegetation that might have overgrown your edges or joints. We use various pieces of equipment to complete the cleaning process which includes air broom sweepers, hand tools such as edgers and trimmers, and power brooms. Then, we move onto addressing your cracks. If you choose to, which we highly recommend, preventing moisture from eroding your base and causing potholes, we use a heated polymer rubber which is heated to roughly 450°F which bonds to asphalt and prevents any moisture.

Next step is seal coating which we apply by hand and/or spray with a pressurized system. All sealcoating is done very neatly to prevent sealer on any structures or surfaces surrounding the asphalt. Sealer protects your asphalt from rain, sleet, snow, and freezing temperatures. Harmful UV rays prematurely age your asphalt causing failures such as raveling. Aligating areas, cracking it, also give the asphalt a new uniform black appearance making your older parking lot look brand new after sealcoating. We use a wide variety of barricades to prevent vehicles or pedestrians to walk or drive through your fresh sealer.

For our commercial customers, we also provide ADA compliant parking lot marking for handicap spaces, fire lanes, parking stalls, and whatever else you might need.

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